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Activity Calendar

There’s always something to enjoy. Take a look at our monthly calendar to see all of the exciting activities and events going on in the community.

Cooper School Join Residents for Games and Storytime!

May 11, 2024

Spreading joy and laughter as the children from Cooper School join our residents for games and storytime!Building beautiful intergenerational connections one smile at a time.

#CommunityBonding  #IntergenerationalFun  #CooperSchoolVisits 

2024 | Happy Nurses Week!

May 9, 2024

Sending a heartfelt shoutout to all the amazing nurses out there, especially from Kempton of Charleston! Happy Nurses Week! Your dedication, compassion, and unwavering care make all the difference. Thank you for everything you do! #NursesWeek  #KemptonThanksYou  #HealthcareHeroes 

Tuesday Vibes with a Twist!

May 7, 2024

Tuesday vibes with a twist! Check out Ms. Ellen, Ms. Peggy, Ms. Walker, and Ms. Terry in action playing our new favorite game, netball! Laughter, teamwork, and unforgettable memories – here’s to more fun days ahead! #GameTime   #TeamSpirit   #FriYAY 

Beach Day BLiss!

May 5, 2024

Soaking up the sun and sea breeze at Folly Beach pier with our beloved residents! Moments like these are a gentle reminder of life’s simple joys. #BeachDayBliss  #QualityTime  #MakingMemories 

Volunteer Spirit | Crafting Petals!

May 3, 2024

Turning tissue paper into blossoming beauty with our amazing therapists and Citadel cadet volunteers!Crafting colorful flowers and even brighter smiles, one petal at a time. #ArtTherapy  #VolunteerSpirit  #CreatingMemories 

Intergenerational Bonding | Cadets & Residents!

May 1, 2024

Bringing generations together over cards and puzzles! Our cadets and residents bond over friendly competition and collaborative problem-solving. Here’s to laughter, camaraderie, and cherished moments! #InterGenerationalFun  #BondingOverGames  #CommunityEngagement 

Exploring the Beauty of NorthCharleston Riverfront Park

April 29, 2024

Exploring the beauty of NorthCharleston Riverfront Park with our wonderful residents! Nature walks, scenic views, and shared laughter – making memories one step at a time! #CommunityOuting  #NatureLovers  #MemoriesMade 

Spreading Joy One Color at a Time!

April 27, 2024

Spreading joy one color at a time! The Citadel Cadets joined forces with our amazing rehabilitation residents to create a beautiful rainbow craft. Together, we’re making memories and brightening days! #CommunityUnity  #CraftingWithPurpose 

Creativity in Full Bloom!

April 25, 2024

Thank you, Sarah from Pluff Mud Pottery, for bringing the perfect canvas – stemless wine glasses! Let the painting party begin! #ArtTherapy  #WineAndDesign   #CraftyFun 

Cadet Volunteer Visits

April 21, 2024

Nothing beats quality time spent with our incredible cadet volunteers!Their dedication and enthusiasm are truly inspiring. #Teamwork  #VolunteerSpirit  #CommunityEngagement 

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